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Women in Tech Summit 2018

The biggest meeting of Women in It and TECH in Europe and Asia

  • 1000+ talented women from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Korea, Slovakia, Hungary...
  • Career Fairs in TECH & IT

The "Women in Tech Summit" conference will aim to present potential of women in technology, science, innovation and to develop solutions that through better teaching of STEM will help girls build careers in science and technology and contribute to the creation of an efficient innovation ecosystem. Part of the event will be First Youth Summit - meeting of future female leaders in information technologies from Europe and Asia.

The conference will also be a forum for the exchange of good practice in the area of cooperation between higher education, high tech industry and start-ups community. The debate will be on the importance of education in the STEM area and the need to give STEM priority in the government policy and in the activities of other stakeholders.

In this biggest meeting of women in IT, technology, academia, industry, STEM experts, STEM educators, innovators, community leaders and policy makers in Europe up to 1000 participants are expected. The Women in Tech Summit will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 27-28 November 2018.

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Special events

STEM Schools Ranking - Final Ceremony

31 May, the conference STEM Education for Innovation, Round Table for STEM was held for the first time - partnership initiative of individuals and institutions who are interested in the development and popularization of technical sciences, and cooperation of the world universities with science and the technology business. Discussions about the possibilities of exploiting the potential of young people, especially women, have proven that it is necessary to find common solutions.

There is too little interest of young people in science and technical directions. There are still more places at technology universities than candidates. - The number of women students in the strictly technical fields is not optimistic - there are in fact to 20%, while on informatics - only 13%. There is no doubt that this situation must change if Poland is to move up in terms of innovation in the EU ranking. And it can guarantee more graduates of technology and information technology, said Dr. Bianka Siwińska of the Education Foundation Perspektywy.

What actions should be taken to get them interested in science? What incentive programs should be implemented? Why should business support technology universities? What can universities give in return? To answer these and other questions at a Roundtable, rectors of the best Polish technical universities and the heads of the 15 largest technology companies, as well as representatives of media and non-governmental organizations, sat together.


STEM Fun4Kids Corner

Come to the conference with kids! You will be able to participate in meetings, lectures and other activities freely, meanwhile, your children won’t be bored. They will spend time in a space organized specially for them, learning exciting things from ​​STEM field and simply having fun at the same time. Throughout the whole conference a group of well-qualified animators will take care of the kids. Our mission is to enable science and technology to education from an early age, as well as developing interests in the fields of science and skills of independent and creative thinking in children. STEM Fun4Kids Corner focuses precisely on this idea .This year Girls Code Fun, LEGO Robots and Co. will create special entertainment program for STEM Fun4Kids Corner.


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